Safety Mission

ORBIT Cables will have its own holiday home for its employees in India where they can stay and enjoy with their families.
ORBIT Cables will continue to believe in always upgrading the skills & knowledge of all its employees irrespective of their designation, enablingthem to be star performers. We’llprovide on job learning for our employees for their career advancement.
ORBIT Cables will constantly upgrade its Unit & Machineries to ensure that all the team members are provided with the Best Technical Know-How enabling their 100% safety at work.
All the employees of ORBIT Cables shall be included in the Intrinsic Growth of the Company.
All the employees will enjoy coming to work, since they’ll be working with complete entrepreneurial spirit & continually experience the joys of entrepreneurship through independent decision making & 100% Safety Standards at ORBIT Cables .
We shall maintain routine normal shifts & strict overtime shift policies for our employees at ORBIT Cables so that they are not burned out of their capacity & ability.